You have reached the

Bear Technologies
DNS System

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This error is caused for
one of two reasons.

  1. The domain you are looking for has Bear Technologies listed as it authorative DNS, however, we do not have information for this zone.
    This is more than likely the result of lame delegation.

    Please contact the owner of this domain to report the problem. You may locate the owner by searching WHOIS for the domain.
  2. You are trying to use the Bear Technologies DNS System for name resolution and you are not on the Bear Technologies Network, i.e. recursive query.

Bear Technologies support is not typically able to assist you in these matters as they are caused by configuration issues beyond our control, however you are welcome to contact us regarding this error and we will provide what assistance we can.
E-mail support@beartech.net and PLEASE specify the web site you were trying to reach when you received this error.


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